Your bathroom can be so much more than a room to take a shower, bathe or brush your teeth. Remodeling this room can create a place of relaxation for you after a long day of work to unwind slowly. Remodeling your bathroom from an outdated, simplistic room into your sanctuary is a very rewarding feeling. Your remodel job can include a new tub, stand up shower, vanity and sinks and all in a style that ties in with the materials on the walls and floors for a total package.

Stand up showers are available in many sizes and shapes. They may be surrounded in glass or made from beautiful tile with inset mosaics. You can include a bench in a stand up shower to make it easier to shave your legs, wash your feet or enjoy a full body massage with multiple water outlets in the wall.

Whirlpool tubs can be an inviting addition to your bathroom remodeling to ease away aches and pains at the end of the day. Massage therapy tubs may be round, accommodate two people or set in a space-saving corner style.


Bathroom vanities can contain set in sinks or may support traditional style bowl sinks. A vanity with double sinks allow two people to use the mirror at the same time and result in a remodeling job that creates less rushing for your family to ready themselves at the same time.

There are many colors, styles and shapes of tile to line a shower with and surround a whirlpool tub. Extending the tile to the wall behind your vanity and on your floors creates a crisp clean environment, much like a spa. You can vary the colors and patterns of tile in thousands of arrangements to create your own unique style.


Lighting in your bathroom showcases the perfection of materials by highlighting areas after remodeling. There are many styles of vanity lights to compliment your style. You may also add colored LED lights to surround your tub or shower for a gentle ambience.