Good and thorough exterior design can include décor to the front yard of the home, entry way, walkways, the front door, driveway, backyard, garden and courtyard-depending on how many of these your home has. The outside of the home is the first thing people see and the exterior design choices that the homeowner makes. The exterior design of any home can create good or bad impressions, depending on what you are trying to do.

With such a variety of exterior design ideas out there, first you must gauge the architectural design of the house or structure and how it can have a big impact on what design you may want. But the great thing about designing in the exterior is that it can represent you and your personality.

The front door of any home should have welcoming energy for those coming to visit the home. You can paint the front door a different color from the rest of the house, or add railings and potted plants to add some decoration and give the door or entryway some character. Walkways can be in entryways, or go around or in the back and tend to set the tone of the atmosphere. Walkways can include stone, rock or brick and also allow for small ornamental plants or other objects along the pathway.

With driveways, there are exterior design ideas including decorative paving with bricks, concrete or stone and the design in the driveway should coincide with the home’s design. The driveway should be connected by the walkway to the house.

Finally, when adding any decoration to the backyard, courtyard or even garden, one should realize that for many homeowners this is a common thing. Some exterior design ideas for the backyard of the home include trellises, fountains or birdbaths. Trellises can be decorated with stringed lights or the vine from a plant. Another idea for the backyard could include raising plant beds or even adding steps to a doorway or entrance.